Economic farrier apron MICHEL VAILLANT

Ideal for horse owners, apprentices, vets...

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Even cheaper and still of excellent quality! A perfect model for horse owners, veterinarians or farrier trainees. Double-layered, soft split leather design. The fasteners behind the leg and the belt are fastened with quick-release buckles. Short cut: protection up to the knees. Lightweight, very comfortable and beautiful presentation.

1 pocket for fanny pack on the right. Weight 1,4 kg. 

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The color of the apron can change from one order to another but remains in dark color.Dual thickness, soft leather model, excellent quality. Quick-fastenings behind the legs and waist. Very confortable and nice look. A model ideally suited to students, apprentices, vets, horse owners, etc. Weight 1.1 kg.

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Weight 1,4 kg

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Price : €135.00 Tax excluded


€135.00 Tax excluded

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