Silicone MV2 18 Shore A - Comfort & Shock-Absorbing MICHEL VAILLANT

MV2-18 Shore A. For comfort and reduce chocks and vibrations.

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MV2-18A Comfort & Absorbing is a silicone with a hardness of 18 Shore A. It enables a shock-absorbing cushion to be made under a shoe pad for optimal load distribution. It is ideal for extra comfort and to help reduce impact and vibrations in sports horses. Can be used with V-notched pads to keep the frog exposed. Optimal results with the MV2® pads.

Available in 200 ml cartridge or in 160 ml cartridge.

160 ml cartridges are compatible with Vettec dispensing gun. The mixing tips for 160 ml cartridges are shorter and have a smaller diameter to facilitate injection under the pad.

For 200 ml MV2 silicone cartridges, use MV2 dispensing gun and MV2 - 200 ml mixig tips.

For 160 ml MV2 silicone cartridges, use Vettec dispensing gun and MV2 - 160 ml mixig tips (Vettec mixing tips are also compatible).

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Hardness 18 Shore A - 160 ml cartridge

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